The Book Has Come!

I have finally published my very first novel, Risen from Ashes. After five long years of editing, writing, editing again, fixing, and much research, mostly under a caffeine-induced haze… (eh.. heh heh…) The novel, a 389-page book is finally for sale on Amazon as a paperback or ebook.

For those who are unaware of what this book is about, allow me to entertain you:

The year is 2028; World War III has broken out among the countries. Many are either dead or missing and still more die as each slow day passes into a haze of horrid memories.

Enter Captain Ira “Raven” Byrne. A strong, dependable, captain who has led his soldiers into battle. For all his stoic façade, he is slowly suffering from the horrors of his past. His parents were in a car accident, his best friend was killed when the first attacks of war had hit close to home, and he lost men in the thicket of battle.

However, Ira’s journey is only beginning. When word reached General Allen about the possibility of an asset, still living, who would know the dregs who started this bloody war, he sees this as an opportunity for Ira to pull himself from the haunts of his past and find a way to move on.

What he did not count on was the fact that said asset was a friend of his and Ira’s – a friend who was supposed to be dead.

Too late to turn back, Allen could only hope that Ira would keep his wits and stay strong when he revealed the supposed dead man.


If you would like to read the summary, or buy the book, you can click here

I also encourage reviews if you would like to leave one.





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