Edarian Chronicles: A New Chapter

Slowly working on a series of stories – unconnected to Risen – I found myself in need of inspiration and I just so happened to find it among six strangers

Using the format in a Dungeons and Dragons form (which works perfectly) the new main Character, Kayle or the Kindred Witch, found six strange companions who have a deep magical connection even though they look nothing alike.


Anvilus: A Drow Paladin with a chip on his shoulder and a taste for revenge

Jharak: A Half Elf-Half Human Draconic Sorcerer who prides in his history and heritage

Sanctus: A Wood Elf Rogue with Robin Hood’s nature, if not his charm
Rykar: A Gnome Wizard, half brother of Sanctus, and a man with a price on his head and a debt to pay back
Garlon: A Forest Gnome who sold his soul because of his lust for knowledge and now, wants it back.
Miku: A Human Bard with a charm for song but with a flaw for spreading rumors


Caught in the middle of an age long battle that they have no knowledge of, the six companions will find that there is much more to this dangerous mission and they will have to watch each other’s backs as well as their own.


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