No Man’s Sky: To Co-Op, or Not to Co-Op

I am one of the many who are excited for the newest, seamless, open world game: No Man’s Sky.

Reading about the updates, the blogs, the articles I see a lot of people asking for an MMO or multiplayer for this game, and I am wondering “Why?”

I feel as if Multiplayer and MMO’s would destroy the gameplay, especially for N.M.S. because it is a space-exploration game, not like Mass Effect or Elite Dangerous. Well, less like M.E. Because you have missions to do, people to save… or destroy if you’re a Renegade.

With Elite Dangerous, you are exploring, trading, but you are also finding rogue ships.

One thing I will say is that if there was a 1-4 player Co-Op as an optional¬†game type for N.M.S. Where you join someone’s game world and travel with them to find resources. Build, explore.¬†That would be interesting, and fun, because you are working together, travelling to the same world, and having a good time.

Despite there not being a Co-Op, I will still play the game. Space Exploration is so fascinating, and I cannot wait to experience it.