No Man’s Sky: To Co-Op, or Not to Co-Op

I am one of the many who are excited for the newest, seamless, open world game: No Man’s Sky.

Reading about the updates, the blogs, the articles I see a lot of people asking for an MMO or multiplayer for this game, and I am wondering “Why?”

I feel as if Multiplayer and MMO’s would destroy the gameplay, especially for N.M.S. because it is a space-exploration game, not like Mass Effect or Elite Dangerous. Well, less like M.E. Because you have missions to do, people to save… or destroy if you’re a Renegade.

With Elite Dangerous, you are exploring, trading, but you are also finding rogue ships.

One thing I will say is that if there was a 1-4 player Co-Op as an optional game type for N.M.S. Where you join someone’s game world and travel with them to find resources. Build, explore. That would be interesting, and fun, because you are working together, travelling to the same world, and having a good time.

Despite there not being a Co-Op, I will still play the game. Space Exploration is so fascinating, and I cannot wait to experience it.



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